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 Hi Dad
Would love to brainstorm some ideas with you….probably easiest (for me) via email for now- want to preface this by saying I am merely brainstorming…not sure what will jump out to become the way. I have some ideas, but seems like there is a link missing….
As I begin to segway from healthcare/massage to Healthcare/Insurance, I don’t want to lose my connections, specifically with UNC Healthcare Pardee Hospital, Four Seasons Hospice, Champion Hills and Kenmure- those connections can open doors in any medical or golf community throughout Western NC…..and that’s important as I go into selling Medicare Supplements.
Obviously, I don’t want to continue marketing massage…I want to become an expert in Medicare/Health Insurance and also a continued focus on Health Care and Prevention in general.
I want to write for those community organizations (and others that house my potential clients)  and/or mail newsletters/magazines….but they aren’t going to go for the pitch of letting me sell or market insurance that way- it has to be beneficial for their readers without being a sales pitch….
This is where I get lost.
I had been thinking for a long time about a column called Sustainable Caregiving, which would be for nurses and other health care professionals to help prevent burnout…but I want to focus all my efforts towards building this insurance business, not have myself going in lots of different directions….
Writing is the way to establish myself because it will give me the opportunity to do speaking engagements etc, news bits, radio, all that- it really establishes credibility and expertise….but I’m just not really wrapping my head around the title/topic/subject/angle- how to segway it….any brainstorming ideas would be great……
Maybe this is so obvious and I’m overthinking it? I don’t know.
Mandi Keener  LMBT, HT Level 2

Plans vs Reality

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You are meant to serve and do amazing things with the talents, creativity and drive that God has put inside you. Don’t waste it. Keep learning, and always seek solid advice from trusted, accomplished and wise people before leaping. If you think you ‘know enough’ you are still just getting started and lack the humility required for true success.

the rest of the story . . 

Make Writing Easy – Prewriting

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Ezine Articles is an excellent site.

You could spend all day (and night) here.

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I can vouch for the articles written by the exine articles staff,

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